Sign in has to be fixed!

I am sick of having to deauthorize my devices and signing out then back in …etc etc…Just sign me out of all devices when I exit Sketchup. I can’t physically use two Sketchups at the same time so that’s fine with me. It just needs to be streamlined. I should never have to goto a website to deauthorized all machines so I can use my dang program. I have literally 5 Macs between work and home and I use them at different times. At home I have one running PC for Lumion. My laptop. My work iMac. My home Mac Studio and I have a side old iMac that I sometimes use(may start using my iPad too). Maybe not everyone works like this but I know most people use it in 2 places at different times of the day.

Oh Yea also add reflections to materials and real lights to materials…I ask this every year in the hopes that maybe …Who am I kidding…Ok going to dream a little…Reflections need to be live and same with emissive materials. Emissive materials would act as lights and cast shadows. That’s the Sketchup way and would be really cool! Never a render button! With the video cards out these days this is totally possible. Now back to reality and the maintenance “upgrades” that we get each year.


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