error for just one student

My student keeps getting this message when trying to sign in: “It looks like you’re having trouble signing in…”
We have gone through the steps together. Popups and cookies are enabled and the student is using a G Suite for Education account, same as all other students. The popup to login appears, but when the student clicks on the GSuite username to sign in, the message appears again. We are stuck in this sign in loop. None of my other students have this problem.

@Steve_Ketchup and @Tori_SU are the ones most likely to be able to help. I just tagged them, and hopefully they will notice that. I will check with them tomorrow to make sure they saw your post.

@mme Earlier today we released an update that may have addressed the sign-in issue that your student is experiencing. Could you please have them try logging in again and let us know if the problem persists?

Also just to confirm, are they logging in using the same domain as you and the rest of your class?

Thanks @colin and @Tori_SU. My student is now able to log in!

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