Sigh... Please help. Need to work on repairing Fake Mountain Skin for Amusement Park

Background: We have are doing “skin” repairs to an artificial mountain and need to get quantities of remaining work areas. I have a precise model of the artificial mountain that was done by some sort of aerial laser imagery in 1997 and have successfully imported the model - this model we will call “Mountain Skin Model”. In model 2 “Work Area Model” we’ve had field crews measure areas off of internal steel delineating the general work are.

I’ve have overlaid the two models and I need to roughly figure the amount of mountain “Skin” withinn each zone for the work areas to be replaced. Let’s look at the first area, the Red box in the front sticking out of the skin.

This view is correct and shows how the box protrudes out of the mountain. Now I’ll I need to do it generally trim of the red box to follow the mountain skin, and take calucate the area. The issue is, when I zoom in, the “skin” appears over the box, which it is not, and I can’t work on the box to trim it up. Not sure what to do, I can’t work from afar as it doesn’t like to snap or grab to anything, and up close I can’t get to the red box… Any suggestions would be appreciated. See below for issue. The red Box appears behind the skin, but it’s not the case. You can orbit around and it doesn’t change until you zoom out.

We have people flying in tomorrow to review the scope of work and I’m trying to get them quantities…

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Sorry, I had to post the other pictures as replies! This is the correct view of how the Red box in the work area as it appears.

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post a small section of terrain in a new skp file and I’ll see if an extension I’m writing works on it…


In preparing a small sample for you I grabbed some of the terrain and there was no problem. So I tried exploding the mountain skin (which was a component) and let it sit in the Not Responding state. This morning it was exploded and everything works. So you helped in a way.

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