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I just upgraded from free version to Sketchup Pro 2021.

One problem is that the right side menu is gone, and going Windows > Default tray does not get me what I want.

I am following a tutorial and looking for this exact side toolbar: tray — ImgBB so that I can see layers and hide/unhide parts there…

Anyone know?
Thank you

The user interface of the desktop versions look different from the web versions.
You cannot make them look the same!
Layers are called tags now (Also in the web versions!)
It would be nice if you update your forum profile, it says you’re still using Make 2017…

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Why SketchUp 2021? The current version is 2022.

Are you just looking for Layers in the Default tray? If so, that was changed to Tags.

Or is it the entire tray that you aren’t seeing?

Did you install SketchUp correctly by righht clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator?

Hello all,

Yes I installed Sketchup 2021 because most of the tutorial videos I found online are done in 2021. There are far fewer tutorials done in Sketchup 2022.

Having things move around or dissappear from one version to the other is incredibly frustrating.

Cosmetically there’s very little difference between SketchUp 2021 and 2022.

What do you mean, exactly. What moves around or disappears?

I have the same default template opening in both SU2021 and 2022, all of my toolbars are in the exact same location, and the windows in the tray are in the same order. It’s difficult to tell the difference between the two without looking for the version number at the top left of the screen or looking at the subtle difference between the Tags panels.

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I mean, I’ve been watching tutorials of all kinds online, and all the versions have notable differences.

I previously used Sketchup Web, which has different menus than the Pro (paid) version. Then I installed Sketchup Maker 2017, and that too looks somewhat different.

I am not following the tutorial provided on this platform.

As I wrote in your other thread, the tutorial you were following was don’t on Mac. You’re using Windows. The user interface will look a little different between the two. It will also be different between desktop client versions and web versions.

There are no significant differences in appearance between, for example, SketchUp 2016 and 2017 or 2022 on Windows. If you are looking at old tutorials done prior to SU2016 there will be the notable lack of the Default tray. None of these differences should be enough to get in the way of learning to use SketchUp.

Why not try them?

Sorry for the typo, I meant to write “I am now following the tutorials provided on this platform”.

Thank you.

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