Showing quarter round stock

Am drawing lid for scout boxes and need to show lid using quarter round stock. How do I do that?

Can you show an illustration of what you are trying to model?

Maybe something like this?

Here is the typical lid before any showing of quarter round

I don’t see anything.

Without the first box and the quarter round faces inward

Since it is hard for you to describe clearly, how about uploading you SketchUp model so we can see what you are working on?

Scout Boxes Lid illustration.skp (139.9 KB)

Is this what you are trying to do?

If so, start with a rectangle and draw the profile of the molding. Then select the rectangle, get Follow Me, and click on the profile.

That’s exactly what I want to do! Thamks

How did you get the quarter round symbol on the line?

I used the Pie tool.

I can’t get pie tool to go on the other axis. It stays on the blue.

Select the tool and hit the left arrow key.


I’m showing .75" on face but still on blue axis

Did you stand the tool up so it is aligned green?

Can’t seem to get to other axis

You need to hit the left cursor key before you click to set the center of the pie or arc.

I’m doing something wrong. The axis doesn’t change until I move quite a ways up the above and it has no affect on teh quarter round I’m trying to draw

above the flat panel and I get a neat quarter round on the flat , and it won’t raise