Show us YOUR Quick Win


Same kind of thing for Push Pull too, it remembers the last distance Push/Pulled when you double click with the tool, if anyone didn’t realise that.

@eric-s Nice 2018 Basecamp presentation btw, a good watch.


Yeah… that’s a great ‘hidden’ function… I did a QW on that a few months ago →


Also works for Offset…


Yeah, used it for offset and push pull but never thought to try arcs. Love finding hidden gems after all these years. Keep up the Quick Wins!




@TheOnlyAaron you could do a quick win about smoothing edges


I can do even better! Here is a Skill Builder covering Soften, Smoothing, and Hidden lines!

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But a skill builder isn’t a quick win. 4 min vs less than a min.


I know… sorry… feel free to flag that post as Off-Topic…

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Not at all, just keeping you on track, still a good vid for the thread.


:wink: Thanks for keeping me on track… glad someone is willing to try!


It is a good one though, as @pyroluna mentioned, softening and the resulting mysterious geometry is pretty important. A quick win on understanding that everything is made of flat faces and edges, even when the edges are hidden or smoothed, is one of those eureka moments for many.

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