Show us YOUR Quick Win


@DBJ It’s the native Scale Tool. I just now realized this was a thing after 3 years of using SU! Embarrassing…


My Quick wins: Custom short-cuts

Y = Toggle between perspective and parallel projection (Shape of the letter Y looks like perspective lines). Sometimes you’ll get to that micrometer displacement in parallel mode.
N = Toggle visibility of (Normal) edges
H = Toggle visibility of hidden edges
X = Explode
F = Follow me tool

Further: I always turn off edge profiles for better overall performance (or start with a custom template with profiles turned off).


Yes, the creation and usage of lightweight styles for faster modeling deserves an own quick win…


In another thread, I played with the idea of saving templates with saved scenes for picking “modeling mode” and “display mode.” The saved scenes don’t change camera view, just a group of settings that optimize for either speed or good-looking-rendering.


I had a good fast style template set up before:

  • Fast style - Shaded with no texture and no edges visible;
  • Editing Style - Shaded with texture, edges visible and Hide Rest of Model turned on.

I saved both of these styles in scenes and made a shortcut to toggle between both of them.
So if I was working in a very large project, I would navigate through it in the Fast Style, and then would use the shortcut to turn on Editing Style when editing a group or component.

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My Quick Wins:

You’re zoomed in to modify a Component or Group, to deselect the item without having to zoom out, click on the title in Outliner.


My QW is the ctrl+y redo function which performs the opposite of the ctrl+z undo . I use it often in creation of gif demonstrations to cut down on length of the gif presentation file sizes.


The Redo key shortcut varies, but is usually ctrl-y or ctrl-shift-z. On Mac command-y triggers section plane, so you would use command-shift-z.


ctrl-shift-a would deselect all too.

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Ctrl-Shift-A doesn’t work for me.
Windows, SU 17 Make


ctrl+a is the standard windows shortcut for select all, works in SU

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So, it’s command-shift-a to Deselect All on Mac. The Windows equivalent is ctrl-t, to Select None.

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Ctrl-T only works if the component is selected, but not being edited.


This is the greatest because with this can quickly make sure that you made the right component unique and changing it won’t change the other ones. So many times I change a component thinking I did everything right to not effect others but I actually did without realizing.


I’m sorry I don’t understand what you are referring to?


hmm, I not sure why it deleted the rest of my comment… I was saying that your quick win is awesome because when you have your “hide rest of model” and “hide similar components” toggled to a keyboard shortcut this allows you to quickly see whether the component your editing will be affected somewhere else in the model. Before I was using this I would have go in there and just start making everything unique and then testing. With this method you can get to the component you want to edit, toggle hide rest of model, see if your going to effect anything else in model and then pop out of that nest and make that unique.


Oh yes, I forgot about the “Hide rest of model” post. It’s a very powerful feature, Id be lost without it for sure. Adding the shortcut makes it really easy.

I thought your comment were about either the section plane or arc gifs I posted, which is why I didn’t get it at first.

If you quoted the whole of my post the system may have automatically deleted it. It seems to be a fairly new thing. Just try to quote smaller snippets of a post to avoid any system edits.

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I’m used to using a mirror command both with and without leaving a copy in PowerCADD, but SketchUp doesn’t have such a dedicated function. Most of us adapt by using 1) copy, 2) scale by -1.00, and 3) paste in place to mirror a copy, but that only helps if you want to mirror about an edge of the bounding box of your selection. If you want to mirror about some line of symmetry beyond the bounding box, this is what I do: 1) copy, 2) add a guide line to my selection, 3) scale by -1.00, and 4) paste in place.


Thank you all for the great ideas! We are loading these up into the Quick Win creation list! Keep an eye out for a future Quick Win with your name on it!


This is awesome. Didn’t know you could repeat arcs by double clicking.