Show us YOUR Quick Win


thanks Paul
thats awesome


@DBJ It’s the native Scale Tool. I just now realized this was a thing after 3 years of using SU! Embarrassing…


My Quick wins: Custom short-cuts

Y = Toggle between perspective and parallel projection (Shape of the letter Y looks like perspective lines). Sometimes you’ll get to that micrometer displacement in parallel mode.
N = Toggle visibility of (Normal) edges
H = Toggle visibility of hidden edges
X = Explode
F = Follow me tool

Further: I always turn off edge profiles for better overall performance (or start with a custom template with profiles turned off).


Yes, the creation and usage of lightweight styles for faster modeling deserves an own quick win…


In another thread, I played with the idea of saving templates with saved scenes for picking “modeling mode” and “display mode.” The saved scenes don’t change camera view, just a group of settings that optimize for either speed or good-looking-rendering.


I had a good fast style template set up before:

  • Fast style - Shaded with no texture and no edges visible;
  • Editing Style - Shaded with texture, edges visible and Hide Rest of Model turned on.

I saved both of these styles in scenes and made a shortcut to toggle between both of them.
So if I was working in a very large project, I would navigate through it in the Fast Style, and then would use the shortcut to turn on Editing Style when editing a group or component.