Show us the way you have SketchUp set up on your computer right now



I use it to create models and shop drawings with layout. Been a user since at least 2010 maybe sooner? Love it.


I went to a three screen layout for the last several years. Up from two for many years. I keep mark-ups or reference drawings/sketches in the top window. Have my drawing window on the lower right with plenty of real estate and all of my palettes and tools in the lower left window. In the main drawing window I surrounded it with just the tools I use often in order to keep as much space for drawing as possible.


Big toolbox+some of the most useful plugins



My window.
I use mostly just 6 options. The most commonly used pencil.
Screen resolution only 1366x768.



I’m brand new to the forum.
Happened to read this title and found it very interesting.
Here is my screenshot.
I’m a enthusiastic Mac user, but, as I can see among other users in this forum, I miss the way tool-palettes could be arranged on PC… (among other things of SketchUp that happen to work better on PCs).
Thank you



I have another monitor for dedicating all the dialogues. toolbar is set to allow the view port proportioned closest to 16:9 ratio for renderings.

How can I set the Viewport Aspect Ratio ? … Windows OS

Dear Genki, some of the ICONS of your extensions look right what I need. Can you tell me what extensions you use (screenshot of extension settings would do). Would be very nice! Thanks, kijkeenshier

My Extention set

Nothing fancy - use mostly free plugins with the exception of trimble MEP designer which I am trialing at the moment.
1001 Bit wall & stair builder are used very often as are steel sketch & edge finder tools. I also use scenes to alternate between fast and slow rendering styles. With models like this that have a very large model that needs to be drawn I create a separate style which has no edges to speed up rendering and enable me to orbit the model quickly then switch back to shaded with textures to model.

Dual screen setup with high spec Z Station laptop. Mostly have Revit & Navisworks working on separate screen. Occassionally 3DS Max for high resolution renders.


New to Sketchup, but having fun



While my subject matter is not very glamorous, I do love using SketchUp and Layout to produce documents that no one expects from a precast concrete manufacturer. I’m running Sketchup and Layout on the same screen on my MBP, and I just cmd+tab between them while I work. I do wish there was a better toolbar and pallet solution for Macs, it’s the only real hinderance to working with the programs.


Here’s my screenshot.



my 3rd attempt to draw a car. i hope you recognize it as a koenigsegg agera r :smiley:


Most often this is how my SketchUp screen appears.


This is how my SketchUp looks right now.