Show individual layer (and layer 0)

Anybody know a method (or extension) for isolating the display of a single layer (and layer 0)?
so, say I wanted to work on a CEILINGS layer (that has lots of nested groups/components), to toggle all the other layers (apart from layer 0) visibility to false.

Obviously I could set up a utility scene for that particular layer but it sounds a good use for an extension.

Or an All Off and keep it updated and then turn on the one I want to work on but its a bit longwinded.

the Layers panel allows multiple selections…

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Yes indeed it does. My typical template has around 20-30 layers, it would be very very useful and quick to be able to target isolate viability.

Also for some reason, my profile page won’t let me save changes, I tried a few weeks back again and still the same.

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