Should contours and terrain be separate groups and what they be untagged?

I am confused about separating basic site elements–the sitework geometry of surfaces, contours and terrain, versus other linework that needs to be developed over it.

Should contours be a group with a tag? Should the terrain developed from contours be a group, with a tag? Or is it untagged?

The linework for surfaces is imported from Autocad on a 01-Flatwork layer with shows up as a tag. Should that be changed to untagged?

Let say I have the outlines of a basketball court surface which has been imported as flatwork onto a terrain, and the faces completed with the draw on surface tool. When I draw over the outlines of surfaces, let’s say to make a fenceline. After I draw the lines, it is hard to separate them to make a group on which to develop a fence without picking on the underlying lines.

Thanks for any guidance!

Yes! Yes!

After you put it in a group and assign a tag to that. Same for the other geometries with tags.

I would group the contours separately from the terrain geometry and give each its own tag. That way you can easily control which of them is visible in a given scene.

I would untag all of the geometry and give a tag to the component/group containing the geometry.

Make sure you are grouping geometry as you go. If you are tracing the imported linework for the basketball court, group that before you move on to the fence geometry.

Also, if you are using the imported linework as a reference for the geometry you are creating in SketchUp, get rid of the imported stuff and purge unused from the file to prevent file bloat.

Thanks for these details. So the contours could be a group with a tag, the TIN could be a group with a tag. Would the draped line work be a group with another tag?

Well, at least one group and tag. Depends on what you are modeling. You might have things like property lines and setbacks as groups. roads and other pathways as more groups. Again, it depends on what you need to show and how you need to show it.

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