SHorten a rail, imported as DWG

Rail.skp (382.2 KB)

I like to shorten this imported rail from 6000mm to 1936mm.
The file is original a DWG file.
The re-scale option does not work.

Can someone please support me?

The thing opens as a nested component. You’d need to open both to do anything to it. There’s a bunch of bad geometry at the ends, though and I think simply cutting it off makes more sense. This is at one end.

I did that by placing a couple of rectangles 1936mm apart that cross through the rail, intersecting faces and then deleting the waste.

Screenshot - 5_4_2021 , 2_24_26 PM

Rail 1936.skp (109.2 KB)

Awesome. Thanks for your quick help. Much appreciated!

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