Shortcut for return to og axes

shortcut for return to og axes is not memorized in the preferences list after restart Sketchup but also constantly changing every time.

Sorry, what does ”og axis” mean?

I don’t know what ‘og axes’ are either…
However, the underlying question is that a reset shortcut is not being remembered between sessions.
On a PC this is usually because SketchUp was not correctly installed - log in as normal user, close SketchUp, select the SketchUp installer exe file’s icon [in the Downloads folder?] > right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator” > Repair [if already installed]
The op’s details say MAC - but such details are notoriously unreliable and out of date !
If there a similar mis-installation or permissions issue for MAC users ?
e.g. the contents of some personal Lib folder need to have less restrictive security settings ?

PS: On a MAC some key-combos are restricted to the OS and cannot be reset to shortcuts…
What were you actually trying to use ??

Expanding on @TIG’s post, on a Mac keychords including the command key are preempted by macOS and/or the application’s menu and are not available as shortcuts in SketchUp. But they will be rejected when you attempt to set them, they won’t work initially and then vanish when you restart.

Edit: also on a Mac the installer always asks for a password. I am not aware of anything equivalent to the incorrect installation issue on Windows.

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og =original = reset (world) Axis?

Did this happened after you updated to Mojave?
maybe it has something to do with it?
There is a maintenance released (M1), just last week or so, to deal with Mojave:

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Jack, my Mac is out for repair so I can’t check. Is there a command to reset axes that you can set in shortcuts? I’m only aware of it as a right-click context menu item when the cursor is over a modified drawing axis.

My custom configuration:

  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A to reset the world axis
  • Ctrl+Shift+A to align axis
  • Shift+A to show axis

return to world axis of course and i use it all the time while copy paste through groups to aligne correct. It is just weird that it is the last shortcut function in the list and that it is not jumping back to the og listet shortcut but shows up different everytime i open SU, after a bug splat for example.