Sheathing seams showing thru roofing layer?

Hi All- I finally created my first model… The porch roof is the part I spent the most time on. It’s rafters are components and the sheathing pieces were also components. I put on the metal roof from the image that was available in my sketchup Make 17.3,116. The seams of the roof plywood sheathing show through the roofing material and I want to make them go away so the porch roof looks normal. When I try to erase some of the lines that don’t belong there, the roofing disappears. I tried exploding all groups and components to no avail. Can someone tell me what I’m missing? Thanks

This is often referred to as bleed, a side effect of the way opengl works.
Two options, edit the rafter components and hide the top edges, or put the rafters on a layer and turn them off when not needed.

Thank you! I fussed for hours. But those struggles are always educational.

Clark J Todd

You should edit your previous post and remove your phone number.

Incidentally, you should be using SketchUp Pro.

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