Sheathing over door openings

I have drawn my framed garage with three garage doors and windows. When I place rectangles for the sheathing over the framing, the “sheathing” covers my windows and door openings. Help please

It would do, wouldn’t it? So put the sheathing on and then draw rectangles where the openings are and remove the faces. Basically the same as if you were putting up OSB on the studs of a real garage.

SketchUp has no way to know the difference between windows and doors and the spaces between the studs.

Can you upload the model SKP file please? It isn’t quite clear from your description what the problem is.

Use the 7th icon above the post text entry box to upload.

DaveR got there just before me.

ok, how do I remove faces?

If you’ve just drawn the rectangle for the sheathing and not made it 3D, draw rectangles for the openings, select the faces inside the openings and hit the Delete key.

ok I will give it a go. Been using Microstation for 22 years. this is a bit different

I hope you’ve been making components of the parts as you’ve been drawing them.

Yes, I learned that the hard way

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Doyou typically name every component or is there value in that?

It depends upon what I’m drawing and why. There is value in it if you need to be able to identify those components in Outliner or the Components library or in a cut list.

But you should make sure you are copying like components. For example, all of your 8’ long studs should be instances of the same component.

Thanks for the tip on removing faces. Works perfectly like it should I guess.

I figured it would work. :wink: