Shear a cylinder

I am trying to ‘lean’ a cylinder off perpendicular from a base. I can move square section pillars and other flat sided shapes, but is there a way to move the extruded end off the centre line, so that the final outcome is a leaning post?

Extrude a cylinder. Select the top face. Use the Move tool to scoot the top to the side.


Gully has it but if you want the ends to be perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder you can rotate the whole post.

  1. Select the entire post
  2. Hit [Q] ( that’s the Quick -Key for the rotation tool )
  3. Set the center of the ‘protractor’ that appears at the location of the center of rotation
    move the mouse to define the plane of rotation and rotate with movement of the mouse (or enter a value for the rotation in degrees)

Didnt work for me- I just could move the top face parallel to the axis of extrusion…
I do think I have done this before but can not remember how…
If I make the cylinder with “Follow me” I can skew it as expected…
Skew Cylinder.skp (40.5 KB)

Move plus the alt key


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Thanks, Shep. My omission. Alt-Move invokes Autofold.


The [Alt] key and the ‘Move’ command was the trick.
Thanks Shep!