Sharing my styles

I’ve made my own set of Styles, which I use for Plans, Elevations and Sections exported to Layout.
A friend is working on some drawings and I wanted to send him my Styles. Is it possible to export my Styles and send them to someone else?
(possible added complication… I’m on Mac, he’s on PC!)

Yes. You can do that. Did you create a collection for these styles? In other words, are they all in a folder? Assuming you did, open the Details menu in the Styles panel. Click on Open or Create a Collection. This should open a Finder window and take you to where that collection would be saved. You should be able to get the folder with the style files to send to him. You might want to zip up the files. Then you should be able to drag the file into an e-mail or upload it to somewhere like DropBox for him to collect.

On his end he will unzip the files if needed and place them into a folder. He can use the same Open or Create to open the location, create a new folder and add the files to it.

Style files, like SketchUp files, and material files are the same between operating systems.