Shared edges prevent volume from displaying


If I create a very simple component containing two cubes where the cubes share a line, the entity info won’t display volume.


Yes. That’s normal and expected. Notice also the component isn’t considered Solid in your first screen shot. It must be solid to be able to get a volume. To be solid every edge must be shared by exactly two faces. No more and no less. There are a few more requirements but that’s the one that applies in this case.


You have just displayed the requirement for a ‘solid’.
Only a solid has a ‘volume’…

A manifold solid must contain just faces and edges.
Every edge must support exactly two faces.
When your two cubes touch and thereby share a common edge, then that edge has four faces !
So it is no longer a manifold solid.
Separating the cubes or overlapping them by a tiny amount avoids the shared edge problem.

So you have sort of answered your own problem…

Don’t make geometry where edges do not have exactly two faces !


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