Shapes doesn't work

Shapes doesn’t work correctly, when i’m entering the correct size, shapes created a different size?
For example, press shapes, select startingpoint, entering size: “1200,600”.
After that i check with “tape measure tool” : 1201,2540

How is that possible?

If by ‘shapes’ you mean Rectangle tool

I suspect you have an issue with the decimal & list separators
Some countries use .+, others ,+;
So 1200,600 or 1200.0,600.0 would work for many users [like myself] - this also applies in the core programming itself…
Whereas 1200;600 or 1200,0;600,0 would work elsewhere in the world… - when typed into the SketchUp window…
If you drag out the rectangle what shows in the VCB [Measurement Window] ?
If you manually replicate the decimal/list separators ./, or ,; does it work as expected ??

Thank you for the reply.
The probleme was “,” and “;” - i have to use “;”
Now it works perfectly.