Shapes becoming 'connected' even when on separate layers

I drew a ground floor on layer 1, drew a first floor on layer two (using the ground floor as reference). When I extrude the shapes on the first floor it pulls up shapes from the ground floor ignoring the shapes from the first floor. The two layers appear to be interconnected in some way. Is this correct? How can I stop this please?


Layers are for toggling visibility, not separating geometry. To isolate geometry, you need to put it into a group or component.


Thanks - I’ll try that. I guess I was seeing layers like draughting overlays and assuming they would be independent.

See these…



SketchUp layers are not layers (separate drawing contexts that entities belong to) but more like tags or classes applied to entities.

This is probably the most confusing thing for new users, and is really just due to a poorly chosen name for an otherwise very well crafted feature.


I 2nd this - 42 times!

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