Shape bleeding for unknown reason

hi everyone!
I hope im posting this the correct way and someone can help me.
I’m trying to delete the inner shape from the larger rectangle in the model.
it seems however that my shape is bleeding somewhere as if some edges aren’t connected since I cannot only select the inner shape.
i’ve narrowed down the placement of the bleed to inbetween these two lines;

however all the lines in this area do seem to be connected properly no matter how far I zoom in.
is there something else I could be doing wrong that may have caused bleed in this area?
tafel cutout help bleed.skp (166.7 KB)

Try selecting it all and doing Intersect Faces With…Selection. That healed it for me.

Or weld the outline, that worked too.

I triple clicked on the outline to select it all and moved in only in the z (blue) axis to match a corner of the larger rectangle. That merged the two planes. It’s unclear why this failed to form originally, the other solutions all work too.

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thanks for all the help! it worked out now :slight_smile:

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