Shaker door

Hey Oz, hope you’re well. We’ve been getting Minnesota weather down here in the Lone Star State. Been really tough for a lot of people.

Could you take a look at this simple shaker door? I don’t think there’s any issues with it. My wife wants me to make some cabinets and this is the door I put together.

Also, another question, (let me know if it’s best to enter a new topic), When is it appropriate to “explode” a portion of a model? I was watching a tutorial on modeling a raised panel door. The instructor modeled the stile, made a copy and turned it 90 degrees and made this the rail. He joined them at the corner, selected the new rail and made unique. He then triple clicked and exploded it. He then selected the stile and selected intersect faces with model and moved on from there.

Pretty sure I got the sequence correct. Anyway, if you could help me understand when it’s appropriate to “explode” something I would appreciate it.

shaker door.skp (36.8 KB)

Did you intend this for me? I’ll be finished with Robotics in a few minutes. You want to chat after that?

I sent you a PM.

General notes:

The door looks good. I would have made it differently in that I would have used the Flip Along command to mirror the stiles instead of rotating the right one end for end. Mirroring with Flip Along makes the the door easier to edit.

I would have drawn the door in the vertical orientation since that’s the way it would get used on your cabinets. You made raised panels which aren’t typical of Shaker style doors. Is the raising supposed to be on the outside of inside?

You are referring to exploding a component. There are some situations in which exploding a component can be useful. From what I get from your description, I think the “instructor” might have exploded a component or components so that when they cleaned up after intersecting faces, they had the remains of the faces on the ends of the stiles. That works however another option would be to copy the geometry out of the stile, paste it in place inside the rail and proceed with Intersect Faces and cleanup. Since you are using SketchUp Pro you could use Trim from Eneroth Solid Tools and use the stiles to cope the ends of the rails. Using Eneroth Solid Tools preserves the “component-ness” of the parts and you only need to trim one of them to get both of them trimmed.

I hope you’ll get some warmer weather soon.

If you’re open to it I think talking about this real time would be very helpful. I have a call from 10:30-11:00 Central time so, if it works for you, name the time.