Shadows that cannot be removed

Hello group, I’ve decided to go back and, use some additional knowledge I’ve acquired to attempt to straighten up a house model I’ve had for played with for about 8 years. Have cleaned up a number of things, but I appear to have a few shadows that I can not figure out how to remove. I believe they are shadows as they disappears when I deselect View/Shadow. One shadow shown appears to be within the group:Garage Ext Walls Framing and the other is within the group: Kitchen cabinets.

BTW the Garage Ext Walls Framing has some bad geometry, I thought I should edit and correct by separating the footer and the walls into two groups and editing. How is that done, or is there a better way to edit?

given some of the ghosts I’m seeing, do I need to do a total rebuild?

220402 Plains House Model v 3.34.skp (5.2 MB)

Can you show a screen shot of the shadows you are seeing? Your model is floating above the ground plane (moving the model axes does not move the ground plane. Here I’ve reset the axes.

When I turn off the shadows they all go away.

I do see that you have a lot of reversed faces in the alls as well as the range component.

By the way, I fixed incorrect tag usage (there wasn’t much) and purged unused (there was a lot). Do you see the shadow issue in this file?
220402 Plains House Model v 3.34 purged.skp (3.6 MB)