Shadows overloading file

What would need to be updated/improve in my desktop to avoid the following:
When I turn on the shadows layer the screen goes black and I have to restart the computer losing what I’ve done.
The file is 2.5 MB. and my video card is a 4 years old NVIDIA GeForce 210, Window 7. Actually my computer is 4 years old.

Thank you in advance guys.

How many edges and faces are in the model? The Windows → Model Info dialog box gives some interesting statistics.

That there, should be upgraded. nVidia GTX1050 or better, depending on your use / requirements.

What is the rest of your computer specs?

What version of SketchUp are you using?

Thank you Julian. I am getting GTX1070. I hope it is also good for my flight simulator (IL-2).

Before you buy, it’s wise to confirm the power supply in your system has the capacity to support the new GPU.


GTX 1070 and GTX 1070 Ti GTX Power Specs.

Recommended System Power … 500 W:astonished:
Supplementary Power Connectors … 8-Pin

That is a good choice, but what CPU are you using? If a CPU isn’t properly paired to a GPU (in terms of performance) then it becomes the bottleneck, leaving the GPU with lots of idle cycles. How much RAM is in your system, which drives (and types) are you using?