Shadows on Elevations



Hi - does anybody know how to show a shadow thrown on a building in elevation, i.e. the building throwing the shadow will be in front of the building in elevation but if you create a section plane for the elevation you lose the building throwing the shadow and thus the shadow! Any suggestions???


The sectional planes can be isolated within a group or component; make the building a group, edit it and drop in the sectional plane - it will only cut geometry within that group.


To add to what @gadget2020 has said.

is article regarding section plane in group.


there are a couple of ‘Shadow Catcher’ type plugins that add grouped geometry slightly off the faces in shadow to avoid z-fighting…

this groups faces have the edges hidden and can then be painted with a transparent black material adjusted to to suit the shadows desired strength…

you can test the principle quite easily with a couple of cubes, and drawn shapes…



Thanks gadget2020, I will give that a try!


Thanks Josephkim626!


Thanks john_drivenupthewall. Love the name!