Shadows not working on jpg textures

I have tried to change shadow display in entity info box (as suggested in other posts) but have not box to check for shadows in entity info.
Components are checked for display shadows. SKP Pro 2017. Shadows appear on colors but not on horizontal texture.

How about uploading an example SKP file that shows this so we can see it.

Screenshots would be helpful too.

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I wonder if your JPG is an image instead of a textured face. Shadows don’t work on images, you would have to explode it.

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The image of the mulch and the grass was applied as a jpeg texture.
See screenshot. I’ll try exploding it per third comment. Thanks for help

What screen shot? If exploding it works, then it wasn’t applied as a texture. It was imported as an image.


I’m not sure how to upload screenshot. I selected the upload icon in the header for this box.
Then hit the upload button on the choose file box that appeared. The lines below appeared in this box and previews of the uploaded images appeared in a preview to the right. Is this the way to upload? and do I select Reply at this point? I get a message that I can submit only one image with a post. I have an image of the non-working shadows and an image of the entity info box (with no selection for shadows)

I had applied the jpeg as a texture so I couldn’t explode it as you said.

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