Shadows for components

Components such as cars and people will not cast shadows. How do I turn this on?

With a component selected, look at Entity Info to see if it is sect to cast shadows. Change it if it isn’t.

The toggle is not making any difference

How about uploading the SKP file so we can see exactly what you are working with?

What is the graphics card. Your profile says “64” which isn’t a graphics card.

How do I find my graphic card info?

Have you actually turned shadows on?

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In the search bar at the bottom type ‘This PC’. Click on Properties.

Click onDevice Manager and then open Display Adapters.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

How do I upload the SKP file

I do have Shadows turned on, objects are making shadows, people and cars are note

Drag it and drop it into a reply. Or, if the file is too large, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Add that to your profile for next time.