Shadow Geometry

Suddenly I am getting something that I’ll call “shadow geometry” . It’s similar to “xray” Geometry but what I’m seeing is dashed lines in my drawing that shows through the drawing that I’m working on. Its parts of the drawing that is behind that portion of the design part that I’m working on If I accidently touch any of the shadow lines with the eraser tool, the shadow line also disappears along with the line in the current drawing that I am intending to erase. I don’t know what I did to activate this shadow geometry, and am hoping to find out how to back out if it…it’s causing a bad headache. I’d like to post a screen shot of what I’m experiencing, but I do not know how to do that. HELP!!

Tap k on your keyboard, it is the toggle for Back Edges.

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OH, wow !! That worked !!! When l would that feature be useful…like what’s it for?

It has lots of uses, one simple one would be to show that a hole is at an angle.