Shadow Dialogue box does not apear in 2016 Pro on Windows 10

The icon to open the Shadows Dialogue window does not appear on the toolbar in Pro 2016. Is there any other way to access the time and date information?

Look for the shadows dialog in the new tray feature.

Thanks for the work around. I hope this will be fixed soon.

That’s not a workaround and there’s nothing to fix. The Shadow window is now in the tray. You can make your own trays and make one just for the Shadow window if you want. You can also turn on the Shadows toolbar if you want.

No … the issue is I need a specific date per the City’s planning guidelines and the toolbox slider does not tell me what date it is …

Aha … found it

Well Mr Mortensen, before you solve your next question, please fill in your profile correctly.
Knowing your Graphic card setup is quite important for diagnosing problems and there is no such Sketch Up version as 10

Pro 16 … I found the expanded toolbar in the Default Tray. Would be easier if it just expanded when you double click the compressed toolbar. Problem solved anyway. Thanks

It’s never done that before. With the Shadows utility window, there’s no real need for the toolbar taking up real estate.

Please update your profile with the proper SU version and your graphics card info. -Thanks.