Shadow dialog version 8

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Sketchup 8 is so old it doesn’t have a tray system and I don’t remember its specific location.
Try Window/Shadows

Turns out I just needed to be pointed into the right direction: I found it thanks to your suggestion.
In S 8, it’s in “View”.
S 8 really that old? Seemed like just yesterday I downloaded it, replacing the 7. Before that I had an even older version. Still owned by Google.

Google hasn’t owned SketchUp for more than six years.

Well, I made it’s acquaintance while it was. But I didn’t keep track on it. It doesn’t matter who owns it, as long as there is a free version availabler for pennyless artists such as me!

There is as long as you aren’t using it as part of your work to make money.

Money? ha ha ha! I should be so lucky… :joy::persevere:

Well, just keep using SketchUp Free or Make for your hobby and you’ll be fine.

Sure. Soon as I make a fortune, an S Pro package will be the first thing I’ll buy, after I pay the bills :moneybag:

I understand, but at the same time I’m always amazed that people pay rent, which is dead money, but balk at paying for software that earns them money to pay the rent.

I’m not paying rent! :hushed:
I’m downpaying the mortgage on my house!
I totally agree with you that renting for ever is a futile thing to do. But a mortgage takes 20 years to pay, and I still have 4 more years to pay…

I’m curious, since this is a trimble forum, the current owners of the software that you are freely using, which was effectively given to you by the previous owners of the software that you are freely using, does the fact that they bought the software and have spent money developing it mean anything? Would you shrug it off if you found someone using your drawings in their own graphic novel!

I’m not trying to give you a hard time just pointing out a few realities that we all live with.


Well, I don’t have any money, I have just enough to keep body and soul together. Had there not been a free Sketchup version, only the expensive one, I just wouldn’t be able to use it, simple as that. I’d have to do without, just as I have to do without a car, a garden, a garage, yearly hollidays, and all types of other things that most other people take for granted. All I have is this very small house, which I managed to purchase after decades of saving from my meager wages, and that I will finally own for real by the time I’m 70, 4 years from now. Already that is a lot to have accomplished, considering where I came from. I won’t bore you with a long and tragic biography. But that’s how it is.
The fact that certain softwares and programmes are freeware is pure luck to me: I am extremely happy and grateful for what I recieve, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be equally happy to buy anything that money can buy if I only had money…
That said, I have made drawings for everybody all my life, without ever asking money for it. You can have a drawing too, if you want. Drawings are the only thing I have plenty of, and there’s always more where they came from; so I never am greedy giving them to anyone.
But IF a programme is freely available, I don’t think whoever uses it should feel ashamed or guilty to do so!