Shading inside viewport

Hi, I’m Jach, Home Plan Designer.

When I send any part of my home plan from Sketchup to Layout, the Viewport has a shaded background and my line drawing is deluded. how do I change that or clear background and get full dark lines?? When I print, it is the same? issue??

It would help if you share the LO file so we don’t have to guess. Maybe you have a section plane turned on in the scene. If the the style has Sky and/or Ground turned on you’ll get background showing.

Jack here, How do i share?

Drag and drop the LayOut file into a reply. If it’s too large to upload directly, upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

Did you receive it ?

I checked that, I tried several and that did’t work. do you have a suggestion?

of one in particular?

No. I didn’t receive it. How did you send it? Did you upload it somewhere? If so, get the link and share it.

I drug and dropped the layout file into “Reply”.

Maybe it was too large to upload directly.