ShaderLight plug-in for 2016


I downloaded the 2016 ShaderlLight plug-in and when you start the program it tells you to click on the camera icon in SketchUp run the plug-in. Where is the Camera icon in the SketchUp 2016 toolbar


I don’t use Shaderlight but I wonder if there’s a Shaderlight toolbar. Did you look for one?


I have been through all of the tool bars and menu options: Here a screen shot of the ShaderLight instructions that open when you start the ShaderLight program outside of SketchUp


This appears to be a ShaderLight specific tool bar - but I can`t find it in the 2016 version of SketchUp


So evidently there is a Shaderlight toolbar in SketchUp. It won’t be a native toolbar. Either Shaderlight needs to install an extension or you have to install it separately. If you can’t find it or any reference to Shaderlight in any of the menus, either something isn’t installed correctly or it isn’t enabled. Did you look in Window>Preferences>Extensions to see that Shaderlight is enabled there? If there’s a box for it, make sure it is checked.


Thank you so much - that`s it - problem solved


What solved it? Checking the box in extensions? Perhaps you can tick the box indicating it is solved so others know.


yes - thanks again - PMF