Shaded face error, component seen in front component it is in back of

Perhaps this is a well understood issue but I have not found the right way to search for it. The shaded face style option (with or without textures) displays items in the background in front of those that are geometrically in the foreground. The monochrome rendering style shows things correctly. Is this simply a failing of my graphics card? It seems correlated to the order in which they have been added to the model but I haven’t tracked that precisely. Anyone? thank you in advance…

Generally, yes. It’s an OpenGL thing. You may be able to update the drivers for your graphics card and see some improvement however I’ve seen other reports of issues with Firepro cards that make it not very appealing for this kind of work.

Are you using SketchUp 2017 Make as indicated in your profile?

Yes on the version DaveR. Latest. I was hoping it wasn’t hardware. I’ll try the driver but I’m not optimistic. Thank you :facepunch:

Good luck with it.

Especially if your model has PNG textures with transparency, you can try switching transparency quality to “Nicer” in the Style Editing dialog.

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Anssi with the win! That is a feature I knew about once… Thank you and happy modelling

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