Several questions - just upgraded from 2015 version to 2019 Pro version

  1. Window Tab - Is there any way to eliminate the “trays”? It was simpler in the Window Tab drop down menu to adjust Scenes, Shadows, Styles, Soften Edges, etc. Is there any way to get the older drop down menus in the 2019 version?

  2. When I open a model, I’m having to reset “Styles”. Why won’t the model open as set up originally.

  3. Some objects are not casting shadows (such as people, cars and trees). Shadows is turned on and the building is casting shadows. Is there a setting somewhere that I have missed?

How do I know if I have a Classic license? Where do I find my Serial # or Authorization Code?

Can you post an example model that shows this behaviour? Are your people real 3D objects or just wireframe drawings? Are they below ground?

No. You can close the tray or unpin it so it isn’t visible when you don’t want to see it. You could create a separate tray for each of the panels and open them when you want them.

Hard to say without seeing what you are seeing.

I figured out the shadows. Somehow, the parts of some objects were grouped on Layer 0, and when layer 0 is turned off these objects do not cast shadows. Not sure how I did this, but it is a matter of getting the objects and their various parts onto the correct Layer.

This implies incorrect use of layers because Layer 0 should never be “turned off”. Layer 0 should always be the active layer and because of that, can’t be turned off. All geometry (edges and faces) should have Layer 0 assigned to it. Only components and groups get other layer assignments but the geometry inside still keeps the Layer 0 assignment.

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OK, I’ve never built a model this way, but will try it.

With correct use of layers in SketchUp I think you’ll find the workflow is much easier and you’re less likely to induce errors because you never chase the active layer. With Layer 0 active at all times, the only reasons you need the Layers panel out is to create layers and turn on/off their visibility.

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From inside SketchUp, Help (menu) > Manage License

When starting up SketchUp, in the Welcome dialog, there is a License link at the bottom left that brings up the Manage License panel. This panel has 2 tabs: Classic and Subscription.

You can add your Serial # and Authorization Code via the Classic tab.

If you have a Subscription license, log in using the account that you purchased the license with. If you just installed SketchUp 2019 for the first time on this computer, then you are likely within a 30-day Subscription trial if you log in correctly. (This means you can try out some of the subscription only features in the first 30 days, even though you have a Classic license. Just hold off on authorizing the Classic one.)

There is an online guide for: Licensing and Accounts

If you purchased a classic license, it would have been sent to you via email.

Easiest way is how much did you pay?

You have a subscription, so won’t need to visit the Classic part of the manage license window. Just be signed in.


I shared this link in an email, but for the sake of anyone else who asks, this video shows how I set up Trays in a way that made me actually prefer them to the free-floating windows:

Thank you very much for the feedback, tops and video, Katya. I will review all this weekend. You and the Forum are a fantastic resource!
Bill Kleinschmidt