Setting up Aptana to debug ruby script


Hi I am trying to set up aptana on MacOS and SU Pro 2015 (15.3.329). I have followed the instructions here without success. BTW I think there was a typo as the port in aptana should be 7000 and not 1234.

When I launch SketchUp in debug mode it starts normally and it does NOT appear to be frozen as described in the tutorial.

Also Aptana hangs while looking for Sketchup. See image.

Any suggestion?



You need to match up the port numbers used by Aptana and SketchUp. Both are configurable!


Yep. Done that. They are both 7000.


Hmm… over my head then. That worked for me.


I thought it worked for SU2014, but was never fixed for 2015 ?


That was my guess actually