Setting the view/orientation in exported dae collada

I’m using Sketchup to create models for import into iBooks Author. When the file is saved in Sketchup, so is the initial orientation. However, the exported .dae file has a different orientation. Is there a way to set the orientation of the model in the exported file?

iBooks Author is known to have a different understanding of axes than SketchUp. SketchUp uses the typical “world” axes as other 3d modelers do, where as 2d programs often use the axes known from 2d math graphs (y up), so z would go out of the paper.

Unfortunately File → Export → 3D Graphic → Options does not have an option to change axes for the exported file. What you can do is to flip (scale, type ‒1, enter) or rotate the whole model.

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Goddamnit, man, you’ve hit on it! Rather than changing my view of the model, I just needed to navigate to the view that appeared in my 2D viewer:

Rotate and move the whole model to the aspect that I desired for iBooks Author. Export to collada and I get this in Preview and in iBooks Author:

Thank you very much for your tips!