Setting length "if(x=y,z,unlocked...)"

Hi everyone!

As per the title. I’m trying to set a length of an object to be equal to one output unless I change something else, where I then want it to be able to scale freely. This isn’t setting a limit, as I am able to do that fine, its more about being able to create a toggle between snapping to certain lengths and then toggle that off so I can scale freely when needed.

This is what I currently have for the component, I have also tried changing it to this:


But it doesn’t seem to be doing what I want.
Any advice would be really appreciated.

Without the model, hard to figure, Wing! implies a parent, this could have influence on the out come as lenX maybe same

Global Attribute value overriding Component Attribute formula - SketchUp / Dynamic Components - SketchUp Community

please upload file for further assistance

there is = missing on Length

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when wing!designstyle=0 i want it to =trim, as this snaps the length down to set outputs. but when wing!designstyle=1 I need it to ignore trim and just be whatever i scale it to. for context that should be the only thing affecting its shape and it is a simple cuboid

also adding the = didnt make it work… i tried :sweat_smile:

please upload the component, again guessing. the value might be a string and that gives “1” as 0

so upload…