Setting component attributes

I add XYZ position attributes to components to lock them in place, generally in only two of the three axis. This allows me to lock a component, normally this would be a plan page, in X & Y but not Z, or some other combo of two locked directions and one unlocked. Keeps me from inadvertently moving something out of position.

This project has mixed units (imperial and metric) and I don’t know if that’s the problem, but I’m getting this when I try to set attributes for two of the ordinates. Not sure what’s going on.

Hopefully someone has an explanation for this.


The formula are incorrect, do not use units for metric

or select the cm header to change to inches

the “cm” was added when I placed the = at the start of the field; I didn’t add that. I changed everything back to imperial and the “cm” notation to the right of the field changed back to inch, and it all worked at that point.

Thank you for weighing in!

The Centimeters version of the DC Attributes dialog is fragile and works only if the “Display units format” box is checked in the Model Info>Units dialog. Otherwise everything reverts to inches and if you have formulas relying on centimeters they go haywire.

That’s interesting, Anssi. Thanks for the info