Setting a Default Position for Dynamic Components?

I’ve recently started creating dynamic components for a new model I’m working on. I want to be able to open drawers, doors, windows etc in this house plan.

Some of them have worked fine - opening and closing a pocket door or sliding barn doors - both which involve changing the position, but not the angle.

Doors requiring angle adjustments display unexpected behaviors, though. In my model I have a door placed in an upright (typical) door position. If I select an axis and change the angle, it also changes the values of the other two axes! I have no idea why. The door will go from being perpendicular to the ground plane and in the correct position, to a meter or more out of place (and slightly rotated).

I added all three angle adjustments to get a better idea of what was going on and observed the following:
Starting Values:
RotX: -90
RotY: 45
RotZ: 180

Ending Values:
RotX: 0
RotY: 10 (the one I changed)
RotZ: 0

Is there a way to set RotX: -90 as the ‘default’ position for this component, so the starting value of RotX would be 0?

Have you typed “=-90” for the RotX value?

It’s impossible to know exactly what is happening without seeing the model. Can you share it?