Set overall workspace scale


I would like to scale the overall workspace scale to approximately 20"x40"x40". I’ve selected a “Woodworking” template, but the dimensions of a rectangle that fill the screen in “ISO view” are 160"x80"; how do I reduce the overall scale so that a 40"x20" rectangle fills the screen?


zoom in using the zoom tool


Tried that; Zooming doesn’t change the workplace scale.


There has to be a way to create a custom template of specific dimensions; like the default templates.


You can zoom in so that your 40x20 rectangle fills the screen, delete the rectangle and save the file as a new template, it will have this saved zoom level if you create a new file with it.


There appears to be a problem with terminology here. What do you mean by “workplace scale”? Evidently you did not mean the zoom level of the current view. If you mean the zoom level that a new model uses by default, then @Cotty has it right - save it in your template. If you mean something like the total available working volume, SketchUp does not have such a concept. You can zoom the view up or down whenever you like on any model.


Ok, I think I’ve got it. I’m used to drawing Apps that can set the scales of the X,Y,Z axis’ individually; seems easier to me. However, the zooming appears to work.

Thanks all for the responses.