Set minimum ruler measurement

Quick question. I am a Children’s Pastor, and I am using Make2017 to design a set for the Children’s Church Room. I wondered if there is a way to lock the measurements to 1/8 minimum. I used to use CorelDraw for this stuff, and I can assign grids to keep all pieces at an exact size. Sometimes in Make, a piece comes out with 1/32 or even 1/64…

You can set display precision to only show dimensions to the nearest 1/8 in. if you want but if you are entering the dimensions as you mode, there’s no reason to see 64ths or 32nds even if Precision is set that high. Setting it higher than you need helps you see errors if you create them, though. Display Precision will not impact the actual dimensions of the entities you create.

There’s a Length Snapping option that can also be used although I would caution against it. Evidence has shown that users have more difficulty with accurate modeling when Length Snapping is enabled.

All of these settings can be found in Model Info>Window>Units.

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