SendOwl License API

Did you see the examples I posted here …


You can use a callback block with http.request() ie …

http.request(request_object) do |response|
  my_parse_xml_method( response.body )

Using SSL for http is an issue inside SketchUp Ruby.

As Andreas says use the Sketchup::Http classes if possible as they do not use the Ruby OpenSSL lib.

@thomthom said at GitHub API issue tracker

One of the main issues with Net::HTTP stems from OpenSSL. When OpenSSL is initiated for the first time it can cause a significant lag in SU. Anything from half a minute to half and hour+. Seems to depend on how much memory the SU app have used that session.

Another issue would be if you needed not to block the main thread, since Ruby threads doesn’t work properly inside of SU. So it’s tricky to do async HTTP requests.