Sending to layout

As I wrote, you hadn’t created a scene in the SketchUp model for that view.

not getting the 1st view even after it has been created in SketchUp that the issue, not sure why the 1st view is not showing up in layout

For the third time, you did not create a scene for that view. The only scene in the SketchUp file you uploaded is called ‘bathroom (ACT)’ and shows the view from above without the section cut.

Thank -you not sure what was unused but is that what I need to do, to get the correct view I wanted?

No. To get the view you wanted you needed to create a scene as I’ve told you repeatedly.

The unused stuff is mostly components that you probably brought in from the 3D Warehouse but aren’t using and their materials.

Deleting them from the model space doesn’t remove them from the file. You just took them out of the space and threw them in the backyard. You didn’t get them off the property.

I found and purged even more unused stuff as I was digging around.
Liv’s bathroom3 purged.skp (6.6 MB)

Before you go any further with this model, spend some time at Go through the SketchUp and LayOut tutorials.

NO, I did create that view I used section cut I can see the view in SketchUp. I have the same issue again with a different view so again what did you do to get the view to SketchUp after section cut is used

Yes, there’s a section cut and yes, you placed the camera to show the model that way but there’s no scene for that view in the model you uploaded. There’s only the scene that shows the model from above.

This is the Scenes panel in the model you uploaded it to Drop Box.
Screenshot - 10_12_2021 , 3_43_46 PM

For the fifth time, create a scene. Go to the Scenes panel and click on the + in the circle. It looks like you’ve done that once already since there is one scene in your model.