Sending file to layout for printing

I’m having trouble sending files to layout all of a sudden. Help!

You’re not giving us much to go on…

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Just trying to send a file from sketchup to layout for printing. Its never been a problem, but I see that other people have had problems since the update. The file view doesn’t look the same when you send it. I tried updated the file reference as I had seen suggested but that didn’t do anything.

In SketchUp you’re using File>Send to Layout and if so is this successful?

Your profile says that you are on 2020 - is that correct?

So the send to layout is successful and the view of the model in SketchUp is different from the view of the model in Layout?

Perhaps if you share the file some of us could have a look at it…

Have they?

What is a file view? Could it be that you are looking at the wrong scene in SU?

Clearly you are successfully sending a file to Layout or you wouldn’t see anything at all.

If you can, why not upload screenshots of what you see. Ideally, include the scene tab in the SU screenshot and the Sketchup Model dialog box in the LO screenshot.

How about sharing your LO file and the .skp file so we can see what you are seeing?