Send to Layout greyed out (on mac)


two strange things are happening to me. I am not sure it is relevant to the problem, but I have my files in a dropbox folder. what happens is that in sketchup Send to Layout is greyed out and in Layout I cannot save the file as I get a weird message (see attached).

has anyone encountered this problem? any ideas as to how to solve it?




Have you tried to do the same with a file residing in your own computer? Under the hood, a Dropbox folder or Google Drive or other file sharing services are quite different from a normal folder as your operating system sees it. File sharing sites are best for doing just that, sharing. It is usually best to use a local copy to work with and to update the shared version when finished.



I would try removing the colon from the directory where you’re trying to save the file.




it is happening with files outside dropbox. they all show the Layout icon greyed out.



I just did. the colon was put there by dropbox itself…


I had the same problems; fixed one a while back and the other recently.
Firstly the part about the Su send to LO being greyed out happened to me and I finally figured out that I was causing my own grief; but I don’t know if this is happening to you. I was very carefully changing the names of SU and LO to include the version that I had as I was running two versions concurrently…the latest and the the previous. It seems that the code in SU is looking for LO and not LO-???.
When I figured this out…two weeks ago…Send2LO came back to life in my SU. I also had problems with files and had to take out extra punctuation characters that confused my operating system (OSX 10.8)
Hope this helps.


I had the same problem of "Send to Layout greyed out (on mac)"
This is because I had changed the name of the application “Layout” to "Layout 2017"
I deleted “… 2017” and Layout has become accessible again from sketchup