Self Driving Vehicle


Some of my talented colleagues have just revealed today one of the worlds first self driving trucks. It’s the first thing that has been released by my studio since I started so it’s pretty exciting!


Part of me loves the idea of self-driving vehicles and believes they will come. But another part finds them really quite scary and believes the hurdles will be beyond mankind in the foreseeable future. For example…

How will people feel seeing that Volvo truck, all 40 tons of it, bearing down on them with no human on board that can see you are in its way and having to rely entirely on tech to make sure it doesn’t crush you like an unfeeling monster bug? How many human deaths will people bear in the initial take-up phase of such vehicles before they say “enough is enough”? We’ve had one or two already and we have hardly even started deploying them.

On a separate point, if the tractor unit is that low to the ground, isn’t it likely that the front end of the trailer would be made much more aerodynamic?


This specific vehicle is for use in ports and depots etc where its not close to the public and in a controlled environment.

Therefore Aerodynamics dont play a part due to the low speeds but you would be surprised anyway, even with its blunt appearance.


Ah yes, that makes much more sense!