Selection within 3D shapes?

Is there a way to select all lines within a 3D space? Like create a cube to wrap around part of an object and select only what falls inside of it?

You can drag a square or rectangle to select entities. Left to right selects only entities that are fully within the box, right to left selects entities that are even partially within. It wouldn’t be a cube. More like a long box extending away from the camera.

As @DaveR indicated, there is currently no way to specify the depth into the model behind a screen selection rectangle. Potentially an extension could do so.

I can’t do it manually by hand. It is far too imprecise. If there was a way to precreate the shape used to make the selections it would be a huge help.

No. What exactly are you trying to do?

I’m still considering ways to cut an object in half in the simplest way possible. Also possibly divide an object into many pieces to create clever 3D puzzles.

You would be interested in this:

I emailed them a while ago to see if they might open it up so that people could provide their own models. They’re not planning to do that at the moment, and have lots of their own puzzles lined up.

That looks pretty awesome. I hope the Playstore gets that. Oculus unfortunately is now a Facebook company.