Selection window and zooming

if you zoom while making a selection the start of your selection window does not stay the same. you might want to do that, zoom in to have precise start of your selection window, and then zoom out to add geometry. but it does not work, geometry is added outside your planned frame.

I exploded some groups to illustrate my point here of what extra geometry gets selected. The reason you might want to zoom out while making your selection window is you might want to have a larger selection than what is shown on screen, but you might want to zoom in to get a precise start point to your selection.

After starting the selection, keep your index finger on the mouse left button then roll the mouse wheel with the middle finger or use the track pad.

Release the left mouse button only when the selection window contains what you want.

Personally, I seldom do that. I prefer to orbit, pan and zoom until all the parts of the model that I want to select are in full view, then I select.

right. I use a trackpad for everything. What I think you are saying is to be on the spot where you started the selection when you zoom out. And that works. I can then change the selection window after the zoom. Strange that I have never thought of this… :slight_smile: thanks