Selection Tool process is slow, unbearably slow



I have Sketchup 2017 Make running on Windows 10 Creators Update with Intel HD Graphics 4000. I’ve had the issue described above (selection tool process is very slow) for several weeks. Yesterday the problem still existed, but this morning the selection tool works fine. I checked and found there were no windows updates since yesterday, the Graphics Driver is still version, and I changed no settings. Although I powered down my computer since yesterday, I didn’t even reboot it. I’m glad its working now, but I still have no idea what the cause of the problem was, or if it will return again.


Hello. Please share how u could uninstall it.


Just type, “uninstall windows updates” into Google and you’ll find a guide. The problem was I didn’t see KB4013429 in the list. That’s OK, just remove KB4016635 and it will disappear.

Also, set every network you connect to as ‘metered’ before you do this or Windows will just try and download and update again.


The problem is that i cant uninstall that problematic updates… I have tried a lot of ways… i have read on some more forums and a lot of people have similar problems… anyways , thanks

SketchUp 2017 freezing

hey ive got some issue im using skethcup 2015 in Win 10
last month ive already uninstall windows update KB4013429 and the selection tools problem disappear
but yesterday or i say this month windows had new update and my selection tools problem reappear again (but with a shorter time than last time) ive been read @Rob_in instruction but i cant find KB4013429 and KB4016635
this is my windows update screenshot

im new user so i ve got limited image upload, im gonna upload it in my next post



oh yeah apparenty when i try to open windows update history this screen pop up

i dont know what is this tho because last month it didnt pop up can someone lend me a hand?

thanks anyway



(1) SketchUp 2015 is not supported under Windows 10.
You will need to upgrade to SketchUp 2016, or higher.

Reference the: SketchUp Application Release Notes

Support for El Capitan and Windows 10
Our QA team has smashed and banged on these new operating systems enough to say that
SketchUp 2016 is fully compatible with Apple’s El Capitan and Microsoft’s Windows 10.

(2) For fixes to your Windows Update and the MS VC++ Runtime editions,
you should contact Microsoft support:


I do nothing on my computer for 14 days BUT the slow selection tools reappair !!!

(cf post 14 days ago)

an d I have just ONE update on my computer :
Mise à jour de sécurité pour Internet Explorer Flash Player pour Windows 10 Version 1703 pour ordinateurs à processeur x64 (KB4018483)

the driver version on my HD 4000 is the same …

It is crazy …


My Selection tool in Sketchup Make has been running fine for about a month, after many slow-downs. Yesterday, May 10, 2017, Microsoft Cumulative update KB4019472 was installed and the Select tool slowed down. I reinstalled an older HD4000 driver from Intel, HD4000-win64_153335.4176.exe, and the Select tool, again, worked fine. This morning, Microsoft installed an update to the HD4000 driver. The Select tool still works fine. This is the second time that this process has been done, and worked. Previously, the Select tool slow-down followed Microsoft Cumulative update KB4015438. While this procedure is an irritation, at least, so far, it has been predictably effective. It seems pretty clear that something in the Microsoft Cumulative updates is causing problems with the graphics driver. Installing the older version of the graphics driver triggers Microsoft to install an apparently different driver which seems compatible with Sketchup. Hope this helps others who are having this problem.


Also with an Intel HD4000 graphics card, and slow selection tool, I tried going back to the HD4000-win64_153335.4176.exe driver, but it didn’t help (still slow selection). I also tried going back to Sketchup 2016, but this also didn’t help (still slow), so I’ve now reinstalled 2017. The only solution I found was to uninstall KB4019472, which has resolved the problem (presumably until the next update comes out). It’s frustrating.


this night, te selection tool works fine again …

I have new update today from Microsoft :
2017-05 Mise à jour cumulative pour Windows 10 Version 1703 pour les systèmes x64 (KB4016871)
2017-05 Mise à jour de sécurité pour Adobe Flash Player sous Windows 10 Version 1703 sur systèmes x64 (KB4020821)
Mise à jour de sécurité pour Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 (KB3191835)
Mise à jour de sécurité pour Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB3191895)
Mise à jour de sécurité pour Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB2596904)
Mise à jour de sécurité pour Microsoft Office Word 2007 (KB3191836)

may be it will work fine now … may be …


Since Last month I have been dealing with this issue. At fist it took me 2 hours to figure out the fix, now every time it starts happening I have to spend 15-30 minutes locating the Windows Update that caused the problem again (KB4019472 as of today,) uninstalling it and restarting my computer. I use this for a business and that level of inconvenience, with a client waiting, is totally unacceptable. Not to mention the fact that I lose the security updates to Windows every time I have to uninstall the update…

I recognize that it’s an incompatibility issue with Windows 10 updates, and possibly my graphics card, but for $120/year, Trimble should have the resources to deal with this in less than 2 months… or how long??? I’m very unhappy with Trimble right now.


I understand you are frustrated but it should be Microsoft that you are unhappy with. They even announced that some security updates they released were bad and they told users not to install them. This update affected more than just SketchUp. Expecting Trimble to chase bad operating system updates is unrealistic.


Reading the news reports circulating now, I would say that no one should totally stop installing Microsoft security updates - skipping them might lead to worse problems than a slow working Select tool in SketchUp. I understood that MS had already issued patches to those problematic ones causing the SU problems.


Just a thing I noticed. I’m having trouble with the same selection slowness. I didn’t tried the unroll security update thing yet, but when I deleted all the scenes in SketchUp it worked smooth. All the files I have with scenes are really slow (selection) but the files I have with no scenes are working fine. My 2 pennies…


Oeps… Never mind. It’s all slow again. Weird. SketchUp was working fine for a moment.


@Gossen, I see you have Intel HD graphics 3000. Is your graphics driver updated? Go to your computer manufacturer to check for updates. Some can install the latest drivers directly from the Intel site.


And I see that you have upgraded to Windows 10.

Intel HD 3000 is an old 2nd generation graphics GPU that is no longer supported by Intel.

The Intel HD 3000 graphics is not supported under Windows 10, and such old systems should never have been upgraded to anything beyond Windows 8.1. See:

Sorry to say, if your system was still running Windows 7 or 8.1, you might not be having these issues.


I need to use SU with a pending deadline days away so after a gap of about 2 weeks using SU with no issues back then, I tried to use it again today … only to find slow select tool has resurfaced again in my case!!

I am desperate and I need to work with SU now … today … tomorrow … and the rest of this week!!
I can confirm success as Chixy advises above (3 days ago)… by uninstalling Windows Update KB4019472, SU is back to normal (fast/instant) select tool. So I am grateful for that advice. Thank you Chixy.

I don’t want to have Windows defeat me again in hours/minutes/days ahead, with an automatic update download, so I decided to take responsibility for the timing of my updates using the following advice, and turning Windows updates OFF, until I decide to turn them back on using “Services” control.

Control Panel->Adminstrative Tools->Services->Windows Update control panel

The following article explains my procedure the consequences and obligation I now have.

I cannot let Microsoft control my life as this recent SU saga has shown. Totally unacceptable!!


Lenovo X230, HD4000, Windows 10 64-bit with KB4019472 installed. First-time sketchup user, tonight!

I was having the same problem as others in the thread … clicking with the select arrow paused the app for a few seconds. My fix (inspired by MtMonk) was to downgrade my display driver to version, which I found at .

Selection tool works great now. Good luck to others!