Selection in mesh model


I have a terrain mesh model with buildings. I learned that I can NOT directly import the model as it is to a rendering software as I need to define the materials of the surfaces first in SU, before bringing the model to a rendering software.

So I have to solve the problem of combining the single triangles of e.g. the lake to a single element and allocate the correct materials such as water, street, grass to the defined elements (which unfortunately is never a nice rectangle). I watched the selection tools tutorial, but hope that there is a simpler way to unify the part of the mesh that makes up e.g. the lake to one element and allocate and materialize this as “water”. Anyone an idea? Two printscreen that show how my model is made up:


In your mesh, isn’t the lake supposed to be ‘one face’, because its surface height is same in all points? If so then it should be easy to select. Like this sea for example:

Or your mesh somehow includes only lake bed (terrain) and not the water surface?

Also did you try drawing lake outline on a 2D plane and use Drape tool?
Selection Toys extension might come handy if you haven’t got already.

By the way which rendering software are you importing?


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