Selecting/Painting THROUGH Objects

Having a SUPER annoying time lately with selection/painting errors.

I can select the object (in this case, a thin sheet, 3/4" x 4’ x 8’) by clicking near an edge, or on one of the sides, but if I try to select it (or in this specific case, try to paint it with texture) by clicking near the center of the face, it selects or textures the mass BEHIND the sheet, like it’s not there. This is getting really frustrating as I’m planning out wall cladding, and it’s making it extremely slow to manipulate sheets.
Similarly, I do a lot of texturing on small individual components, and not having the control/needing to go back and re-texture a bunch of things that got changed accidentally is really slowing my work down.

Anyone else have experience with this bug? Is it a camera clipping issue, or …?

This isn’t a bug per se. And it’s not clipping. It’s a limitation with the OpenGL graphics. Similar to why trusses show through roofing if you zoom back far enough. You could zoom in closer or you could open the component/group through Outliner. Just double click on it there instead of in the model space. You should be opening it for editing for painting, too.

If you can select it near the edge in the model space, you can open it for editing from there, too.

To confirm what @DaveR deduced, it would be helpful if you can share your model here.

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